Track originally appeared on "No Summer" and is available courtesy of No Summer, Twin Wasp Recordings, Hostile City Distribution, and Universal Warning Recordings.


If you're listening to this record, chances are you're one of the special people with your heart on your sleeve, always ready to believe in the good in the world, in yourself, and in others. The huge danger is that sometimes that same world and the same people in it can break your heart and make you feel helpless.

That's how we found this music in the first place. We are different. We are the ones who pride ourselves in walking the line of total madness, living only in the moment, every day in reckless abandon. It is a beautiful way to live. The songs on this compilation celebrate just that. But still, with soaring highs, there are also crushing lows.

The culture we created through these songs and this way of life means we are connected. It means we will get each other through. It means we will not allow any one of our own to fall victim to terrible tragedy.

If you or someone you know feels completely alone, please know you are not. We are alone together. The world is broken in endless ways. So are we. That is okay. The people that battle with what we are fighting are the same ones that make it a better place to live in. We need you. Please be there for them and also know we are here for you. Please keep fighting, Please don't give up. - Spencer Dorsey, No Summer




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